This mapper function converts the single value in a sliding window to LONG.

The mapper.tolong function can be applied to data of type BOOLEAN, STRING, LONG or DOUBLE.

When used on bucketized GTS, this mapper will fail on empty bucket. Use UNBUCKETIZE first.

If the GTS contains duplicated timestamps, this mapper will fail. Use DEDUP first.

mapper.tolong is available since version 1.0.11.

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[ [ NEWGTS "GTS.1" RENAME 10 NaN NaN NaN '27' ADDVALUE 20 NaN NaN NaN '' ADDVALUE NEWGTS "GTS.2" RENAME 20 NaN NaN NaN 42.1 ADDVALUE 10 NaN NaN NaN 0.4 ADDVALUE ] mapper.tolong 0 0 0 ] MAP