Deprecated: mapper.sd.forbid-nulls has the same behavior as mapper.sd, use mapper.sd instead.

This mapper function returns the standard deviation of each sliding window. The location and elevation returned are those associated with the most recent value in the sliding window.

The standard deviation is the square root of the variance as computed by mapper.var.

The mapper.sd.forbid-nulls function can only be applied to values of type LONG or DOUBLE, when applied to STRING or BOOLEAN it does not return any value.

If a value is NULL in the bucket, the result is NULL

mapper.sd.forbid-nulls is available since version 1.0.11.

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[ [ NEWGTS "GTS1" RENAME 10 45.0 4.0 25100 5.0 ADDVALUE 20 50.0 -5.0 25200 120.0 ADDVALUE NEWGTS "GTS2" RENAME 10 52.0 -6.0 25300 8.0 ADDVALUE 20 54.0 -7.0 25400 42.0 ADDVALUE ] true mapper.sd.forbid-nulls 5 5 0 ] MAP