Deprecated: mapper.join.forbid-nulls has the same behavior as mapper.join, use mapper.join instead.

This mapper function renders the the concatenation of the string representation of values separated by the join string of all the values found in the sliding window. The associated location and elevation are those of the most recent tick of the window.

The location and elevation returned are from the latest measure.

If a value is NULL in the bucket, the result is NULL

mapper.join.forbid-nulls is available since version 1.0.11.

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[ [ NEWGTS "GTS1" RENAME 10 NaN NaN NaN 'a' ADDVALUE 20 NaN NaN NaN 120.0 ADDVALUE NEWGTS "GTS2" RENAME 10 NaN NaN NaN true ADDVALUE 20 NaN NaN NaN 42.0 ADDVALUE ] ' & ' mapper.join.forbid-nulls 5 5 0 ] MAP