The mapper.dotproduct.sigmoid function consumes a vector as parameter (a LIST of DOUBLE) from the top of the stack.

The resulting mapper computes the dot product of the given vector with the values of the sliding window, then it returns the sigmoid of this result.

If the sliding window at a tick does not have the same size as the given vector, then no value is produced.

The resulting mapper can only be applied to values of type LONG or DOUBLE, it will produce no value for types STRING and BOOLEAN.

mapper.dotproduct.sigmoid is available since version 1.0.0.

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NEWGTS 1 10 <% 'i' STORE $i 100 * NaN NaN NaN $i ADDVALUE %> FOR [ SWAP [ 1.0 0.1 ] mapper.dotproduct.sigmoid 1 0 0 ] MAP