The bucketizer.min function returns the min of all the values found for each bucket of a bucketized Geo Time Series™.

The associated location and elevation are those of the selected value. If the min value is encountered several times, the selected one is the one that appears first chronologically.

The bucketizer.min function can be applied to values of any type, when applied to BOOLEAN types, the value true is considered greater than false.

bucketizer.min is available since version 1.0.11.

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NEWGTS 100 NaN NaN NaN 10 ADDVALUE 200 NaN NaN NaN 9 ADDVALUE 300 NaN NaN NaN 8 ADDVALUE 400 NaN NaN NaN 7 ADDVALUE 500 NaN NaN NaN 6 ADDVALUE 600 NaN NaN NaN 5 ADDVALUE 700 NaN NaN NaN 4 ADDVALUE 800 NaN NaN NaN 42 ADDVALUE [ SWAP bucketizer.min 0 0 2 ] BUCKETIZE