Deprecated: bucketizer.median.forbid-nulls has the same behavior as bucketizer.median, use bucketizer.median instead.

The bucketizer.median.forbid-nulls function returns the median, as defined by the NIST, of all the values found for each bucket of a bucketized Geo Time Series™.

It operates on LONG and DOUBLE and it always returns a DOUBLE.

If this reducer encouters a NULL value it throws an error.

As the median is effectively computed using one or two points, the location/elevation of the result is:

  • not defined is there is no location/elevation
  • the value of the location/elevation if only one point has this info
  • the centroid/mean of the location/elevation if the two points have this info.
bucketizer.median.forbid-nulls is available since version 2.4.0.

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NEWGTS 100 NaN NaN NaN 10 ADDVALUE 200 NaN NaN NaN 9 ADDVALUE 300 NaN NaN NaN 8 ADDVALUE 400 NaN NaN NaN 7 ADDVALUE 500 NaN NaN NaN 6 ADDVALUE 600 NaN NaN NaN 5 ADDVALUE 700 NaN NaN NaN 4 ADDVALUE 800 NaN NaN NaN 42 ADDVALUE [ SWAP bucketizer.median.forbid-nulls 0 0 2 ] BUCKETIZE