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Configuration parameters

Identifies Geo Time Series™ which MAY have data within a given key range, assuming those keys are bounds of an SST file.

This function is key to identifying which SST files should be purged using SSTPURGE.

If no token and selectors are specified in the parameter list of SSTFIND, all Geo Time Series™ will be considered, otherwise, only those matching the entered criteria will be used.

The return value of the SSTFIND function is a list of lists, each inner list containing 3 fields, gts, mints, maxts.

The gts field is either an actual empty Geo Time Series™, but with all metadata set, or null. If gts is not null, it means that the Geo Time Series™ may have data in the file given because its internal id falls within the key range. If gts is null, it means there is a Geo Time Series™ that may exist in the file but whose metadata (class and labels) were not matched by the provided selectors. This is a helpful hint to indicate that there may be some data in the file which belong to series you were not initially interested in.

The values of mints and maxts indicate between which timestamps gts may have datapoints. If the id of gts is not matched by either the smallest or largest key of the range, both mints and maxts will have extreme values (respectively MINLONG and MAXLONG). If the gts id matches one of the bounds, the mints and/or maxts fields will have more meaningful values.

Keys of datapoints start with 0x52' (R), keys for metadata start with0x4d(M`).

When SSTFIND is called with metadata keys, the fields mints and maxts will be set to null.

If SSTFIND is called with keys for both metadata and data, an error is raised indicating that SSTFIND cannot determine what lies inside hydrid files.

Keys invalid for both metadata and data will also lead to an invalid key range error.

SSTFIND is available since version 2.7.0.

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[ '4ddb58e4ae1b2b9dfc0f70eebde4ff6169' '4ddb58e4ae1b2b9dfc2b105576aa993920' 'LevelDB Secret' ] SSTFIND
[ 'TOKEN' '~class.*' {} '52db58e4ae1b2b9dfca5a765a20ff86cd67ffa8676335a26b2' '52db58e4ae1b2b9dfcb989900db8f90c777ffa8676335b0d11' 'LevelDB Secret' ] SSTFIND