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The SORTBY function sorts a LIST or a MAP according to a value returned by a macro. The macro must return a value of the same type (LONG, DOUBLE or STRING) for each element.

Only MAPs of type LinkedHashMap, which are the most commons in WarpScript, can be sorted.

Before release 1.2.22, the SORTBY function could only sort lists of Geo Time Series™.

Before release 2.7.0, the SORTBY function could only sort lists but not maps.

SORTBY is available since version 1.0.11.

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// // Create 3 Geo Time Series // 1 3 <% NEWGTS SWAP TOSTRING RENAME 1 100 <% NaN NaN NaN RAND ADDVALUE %> FOR %> FOR 3 ->LIST // Add mean and std as attributes, only here to check the result. <% DROP DUP false MUSIGMA [ 'mu' 'sigma' ] STORE { 'mu' $mu TOSTRING 'sigma' $sigma TOSTRING } SETATTRIBUTES %> LMAP // // Sort the GTS according to their mean // <% false MUSIGMA DROP %> SORTBY
{ 'bob' 1337 'john' 42 'anna' 777 } <% SWAP DROP // Sort on value %> SORTBY