The SNAPSHOTREADABLE functions produces a STRING which contains WarpScript code to regenerate the stack in the exact same state as when SNAPSHOTREADABLE was called.

Note that some types of objects created by third party functions may not be serializable, SNAPSHOTREADABLE will emit a STRING of the form UNSUPPORTED: class xxx when such a type is encountered.

The elements of the stack are consumed.

This is similar to the SNAPSHOT function but the output is easier to read for a human.

SNAPSHOTREADABLE is available since version 2.9.0.

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[ 42 { 'foo' NOW } ] 'bar' SNAPSHOTREADABLE DUP EVAL // SNAPSHOT on the same data would produce the equivalent // be much less readable string: // [] 42 +! {} 1632750092855363 'foo' PUT +! 'bar'