The SETVALUE function adds a value to a GTS or override an existing value. If the tick already exists, this function will overwrite the first one it encounters in the GTS. If the tick does not exist, it is appended. The ADDVALUE function adds a value to a GTS but do not override an existing value.

The SETVALUE function only works on GTS, not on lists of GTS like those generated by the use of FETCH. If you want to use SETVALUE after a FETCH, you will need to extract the GTS from the list, using GET for instance.

SETVALUE is available since version 1.0.0.

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NEWGTS 'test' RENAME 100 NaN NaN NaN true SETVALUE 101 NaN NaN NaN true SETVALUE 100 NaN NaN NaN false SETVALUE //change the timestamp 100 value 101 NaN NaN NaN false ADDVALUE //this will add another timestamp 101 value