Configuration parameters

The RUNNERNONCE function decrypts the content of a runner nonce as generated when a script is executed by a Warp 10 runner instance.

When a script is executed by a runner instance, the following symbols are defined when the script is invoked:

runner.periodicityPeriodicity at which the script is supposed to run, in ms.
runner.pathPath of the script.
runner.scheduledatTime at which the current execution was scheduled, in ms since the UNIX Epoch.
runner.nonceEncrypted time of execution, in time units since the UNIX Epoch.

Note that if the runner pre-shared key is not configured via runner.psk, the RUNNERNONCE function will push NULL onto the stack. Note that in this case, the runner.nonce symbol will not be defined.

RUNNERNONCE is available since version 1.2.7.