Extension: io.warp10.script.ext.rexec.RexecWarpScriptExtension

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Configuration parameters

The REXECZ function executes some WarpScript code on a remote Warp 10 instance just like REXEC does, but compresses the WarpScript code prior to sending it. The stack left by the execution on the remote instance will be snapshotted using SNAPSHOT and the result will be re-applied on the local stack.

For Warp 10™ 1.x, this function is not available if warpscript.rexec.enable was not set to true in the Warp 10 instance configuration.

Starting with Warp 10™ 2.x, this function has been moved to the io.warp10.script.ext.rexec.RexecWarpScriptExtension extension.

REXECZ is available since version 1.2.5.

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