The PpushStyle function saves the current style settings and PpopStyle restores the prior settings. Note that these functions are always used together. They allow you to change the style settings and later return to what you had. When a new style is started with PpushStyle, it builds on the current style information. The PpushStyle and PpopStyle functions can be nested to provide more control. (See example for a demonstration.)

The style information controlled by the following functions are included in the style:fill, stroke, tint, strokeWeight, strokeCap, strokeJoin, imageMode, rectMode, ellipseMode, shapeMode, colorMode, textAlign, textFont, textMode, textSize, textLeading, emissive, specular, shininess, ambient.

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PpushStyle is available since version 1.0.0.

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// @preview image 100 100 '2D3' PGraphics 130 Pbackground //gray 0 50 33 33 Pellipse //default style, left circle PpushStyle // Start a new style 10 PstrokeWeight 204 103 0 Pfill 33 50 33 33 Pellipse //left middle circle PpushStyle // Start another new style 0 102 153 Pstroke 66 50 33 33 Pellipse //right middle circle PpopStyle //restore previous style PpopStyle // Restore original style 100 50 33 33 Pellipse //right circle Pencode