The PpushStyle function saves the current style settings and PpopStyle restores the prior settings; these functions are always used together. They allow you to change the style settings and later return to what you had. When a new style is started with PpushStyle, it builds on the current style information. The PpushStyle and PpopStyle functions can be nested to provide more control (see example for a demonstration.)

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PpopStyle is available since version 1.0.0.

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// @preview image 100 100 '2D3' PGraphics 130 Pbackground //gray 0 50 33 33 Pellipse //default style, left circle PpushStyle // Start a new style 10 PstrokeWeight 204 103 0 Pfill 33 50 33 33 Pellipse //left middle circle PpushStyle // Start another new style 0 102 153 Pstroke 66 50 33 33 Pellipse //right middle circle PpopStyle //restore previous style PpopStyle // Restore original style 100 50 33 33 Pellipse //right circle Pencode