Specifies vertex coordinates for curves. This function may only be used between PbeginShape and PendShape and only when POLYGON parameter specified to PbeginShape. The first and last points in a series of PcurveVertex lines will be used to guide the beginning and end of a the curve. A minimum of four points is required to draw a tiny curve between the second and third points. Adding a fifth point with PcurveVertex will draw the curve between the second, third, and fourth points. The PcurveVertex function is an implementation of Catmull-Rom splines.

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PcurveVertex is available since version 1.0.0.

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// @preview image 100 100 '2D' PGraphics PnoFill 'POLYGON' PbeginShape 84 91 PcurveVertex 84 91 PcurveVertex 68 19 PcurveVertex 21 17 PcurveVertex 32 100 PcurveVertex 32 100 PcurveVertex 'OPEN' PendShape Pencode