Draws a Bezier curve on the screen. These curves are defined by a series of anchor and control points. The first two parameters specify the first anchor point and the last two parameters specify the other anchor point. The middle parameters specify the control points which define the shape of the curve. Bezier curves were developed by French engineer Pierre Bezier. Using the 3D version requires rendering with P3D (see the Environment reference for more information).

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Pbezier is available since version 1.0.0.

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// @preview image 300 200 '2D2' PGraphics 255 Pbackground 25 25 42 112 Pline 150 150 110 170 Pline 0xffff0000 Pstroke 25 25 42 112 150 150 110 170 Pbezier 0xffff0000 Pfill 20 PtextSize 'Bezier curve' 120 50 Ptext Pencode