Since v2.3.0
Available on all platforms
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Stores the attributes of a list of Geo Time Series™ in the Warp 10 backend in an incremental manner. New attributes are added and already existing attributes are updated or removed if their value is an empty string.

This function expects on top of the stack a write token which will be used to authenticate with the Warp 10 backend and a Geo Time Series™ or a list thereof.

Every Geo Time Series™ to which METADIFF is applied must have a non empty name and attributes (possibly empty).



NEWGTS 'aaa' RENAME { 'label1' 'b' 'label2' 'a' } RELABEL { 'attr1' 'val1' 'attr2' 'val2' } SETATTRIBUTES 'WRITE_TOKEN' METADIFF