Configuration parameters

The ISODURATION function consumes a LONG duration in platform unit and pushes back a STRING reresenting an ISO 8601 duration. Whatever the platform time unit is, the representation maximum resolution is milliseconds.

The format of the ISO 8601 representation is PThHmMs.xS with h as hours, m as minutes, s as seconds and x as milliseconds. If any of these value is zero, the value and unit are omitted. The only exception is for a duration of 0 which is represented as PT0S. If the duration is negative, h, m and s, if displayed, are negative numbers.

ISODURATION is available since version 1.0.0.

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3600 STU * ISODURATION 1234567 ISODURATION // Depending on your platform time unit, 234 or 234567 can be omitted.