date time
Configuration parameters

The ISO8601 function consumes an optional STRING timezone and a LONG UTC timestamp and pushes back a STRING representing the date and time according to the ISO 8601 standard.

Depending on the platform time unit, the part representing seconds can have 3, 6 or 9 significant figures respectively for milliseconds, microseconds or nanoseconds platform time unit.

Valid values for the timezone can be found on the Joda website in any of the three columns. If no timezone is specified the pushed back representation is UTC.

ISO8601 is available since version 1.0.0.

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NOW ISO8601 NOW 'CET' ISO8601 NOW 'America/Los_Angeles' ISO8601 NOW '-12:34' ISO8601


return ISO8601(NOW()), ISO8601(NOW(), 'CET'), ISO8601(NOW(), 'America/Los_Angeles'), ISO8601(NOW(), '-12:34')