The HHCODE.SOUTH function returns the cell south of the given one at the given resolution.

It will first convert the HHCode to the resolution and then compute the new cell.

The function accepts 3 different types of HHCode and will return the same type for the resulting HHCode.

Since 2.6.0, the resolution is optional. In that case the length of the input is used to determine the resolution.

HHCODE.SOUTH is available since version 2.4.0.

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// Using a LONG HHCode format 0xb570f97231462cd7 24 HHCODE.SOUTH // Using a STRING HHCode format 'b570f97231462cd7' 24 HHCODE.SOUTH // Using a bytes array HHCode format (bytes arrays can not be represented) 0xb570f97231462cd7 8 ->LONGBYTES 24 HHCODE.SOUTH