Configuration parameters

The GEO.BUFFER function allows to create buffer GEOSHAPE objects. The function takes a MAP instance as input. This map can contain the following entries:

distDistance of the buffer, as a central angle expressed in degrees.
mdistDistance of the buffer expressed in meters. This key is only taken into account if dist is not specified.
capThe end cap style to consider, use SQUARE, FLAT or ROUND (default).
joinThe join style to use, use BEVEL, MITRE or ROUND (default).
limitThe mitre limit to use. Defaults to 5.0.
segmentsNumber of segments to use per quadrant, defaults to 8.
singlesidedSet to true to compute a single sided buffer. If true, positive distance will indicate left-hand side and negative distance right-hand side. End cap is ignored for single sided buffers.
wkbByte array containing a WKB definition of a geographic area.
wktString containing a WKT definition of a geographic area.
geojsonString containing a GeoJSON definition of a geographic area.

If a geographic area is defined, only one of wkb, wkt or geojson may be specified. The output of the function is a new definition of a geographic area with the buffer added to the original definition.

If no geographic area is defined, GEO.BUFFER will define a buffer which will be used by the next call to either GEO.WKT, GEO.WKB or GEO.JSON.

GEO.BUFFER is available since version 2.7.0.

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{ 'mdist' 100.0 'wkt' 'POINT (-4.5 48.0)' } GEO.BUFFER
{ 'mdist' 100.0 } GEO.BUFFER 'POINT (-4.5 48.0)' 0.01 false GEO.WKT