Since v1.0.0
Available on all platforms
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Configuration parameters

The DURATION function consumes a STRING representing an ISO 8601 duration and pushes back a LONG duration in platform time unit.

The ISO 8601 duration can be expessed as PwWdDThHmMs.xS with:

  • w weeks
  • d days
  • h hours
  • m minutes
  • s seconds
  • x milliseconds, independent of platform time unit Each of these values can be either positive or negative. Each value/unit couple can be omitted if the value is zero but at least one value/couple should be defined.

If the consumed ISO 8601 duration has micro or nanoseconds precision, these digits will be ignored.



'P1W1D' DURATION // 1 week and 1 day 'P10DT-1H' DURATION // 10 days minus 1 hour 'PT1.234567891S' DURATION // The 567891 nanoseconds are ignored