The COMPACT function produces GTS with fewer values, by removing measurements which have the same value, location and elevation as the previous one.

It expects a Geo Time Series™ or a LIST of GTS as parameter.

The first tick will be kept, then ticks with value or position change will be kept. The last tick from the original GTS will be copied, in order to keep the same LASTTICK.

COMPACT is available since version 1.0.0.

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NEWGTS 'test' RENAME 4000000 NaN NaN NaN 'start' ADDVALUE 5000000 NaN NaN NaN 'start' ADDVALUE 6000000 NaN NaN NaN 'start' ADDVALUE 7000000 NaN NaN NaN 'run' ADDVALUE 8000000 NaN NaN NaN 'run' ADDVALUE 8500000 NaN NaN NaN 'fail' ADDVALUE 9000000 NaN NaN NaN 'run' ADDVALUE 10000000 NaN NaN NaN 'end' ADDVALUE 11000000 NaN NaN NaN 'end' ADDVALUE // will be kept too COMPACT


GTS = NEWGTS() RENAME(GTS, 'RENAME') ADDVALUE(GTS, 4000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'start') ADDVALUE(GTS, 5000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'start') ADDVALUE(GTS, 6000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'start') ADDVALUE(GTS, 7000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'run') ADDVALUE(GTS, 8000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'run') ADDVALUE(GTS, 8500000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'fail') ADDVALUE(GTS, 9000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'run') ADDVALUE(GTS, 10000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'end') ADDVALUE(GTS, 11000000, NaN, NaN, NaN, 'end') // will be kept too return COMPACT(GTS)