The CHUNK is used to split a Geo Time Series™ into partial GTS. The split operation is controlled by multiple parameters. The series will be splitted in chunks, each chunks will form a new GTS, with a label value corresponding to its first tick.

CHUNK is available since version 1.0.0.



NEWGTS 'test' RENAME { 'label1' 'foo' } RELABEL 100 NaN NaN NaN 10 ADDVALUE 200 NaN NaN NaN 9 ADDVALUE 300 NaN NaN NaN 8 ADDVALUE 400 NaN NaN NaN 7 ADDVALUE 500 NaN NaN NaN 6 ADDVALUE 700 NaN NaN NaN 5 ADDVALUE 800 NaN NaN NaN 4 ADDVALUE 900 NaN NaN NaN 3 ADDVALUE 1000 NaN NaN NaN 2 ADDVALUE 1100 NaN NaN NaN 1 ADDVALUE // Split GTS according to Chunk rule define by the User (each 500 time unit), splitting stopping at timestamp 1000. 1000 500 0 0 ".chunkid" false CHUNK