The ATTICK function consumes a Geo Time Series™ from the stack, looks at its tick-th tick (the data point with a timestamp tick) and put on the stack a list with the timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation and value for that data point.

If there is no data point with tick timestamp, it return a list with timestamp, latitude, longitude and elevation at NaN and value at null.

ATTICK is available since version 1.0.0.

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NEWGTS 100 NaN NaN NaN 10 ADDVALUE 200 NaN NaN NaN 9 ADDVALUE 300 NaN NaN NaN 8 ADDVALUE 400 NaN NaN NaN 7 ADDVALUE 500 NaN NaN NaN 6 ADDVALUE 700 NaN NaN NaN 5 ADDVALUE 800 NaN NaN NaN 4 ADDVALUE 900 NaN NaN NaN 3 ADDVALUE 1000 NaN NaN NaN 2 ADDVALUE 1100 NaN NaN NaN 1 ADDVALUE // Extract values with the VALUES funtion, put them in a list and push it onto the stack 400 ATTICK