encoder conversion

The ->ENCODER function takes a list of points and encode them in a single encoder. Each point is a list of ( timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation, value ). Since 2.1.1, a point can also be a Geo Time Series™ or a wrapped one. In that case all the points of the Geo Time Series™ are added to the encoder.

An encoder is very similar to a Geo Time Series™, it differs by its ability to store values of all four types (LONG, DOUBLE, BOOLEAN, STRING) where a GTS is limited to the type of the first value stored. An encoder can also have a name, labels and attributes.

The set of operations which can be performed on encoders is more limited than those that can be performed on GTS.

->ENCODER is available since version 1.2.9.

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[ [ 1 48.44218 -4.41427 80000 "v1" ] // ( timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation, string value ) [ 2 12 3.14 ] // ( timestamp, elevation, double value ) [ 3 42 ] // ( timestamp, long value ) [ 4 -45 0 true ] // (timestamp, lat, long, boolean value) ] ->ENCODER