The ADDVALUE function adds a value to a GTS, without checking for tick duplicates. The added data point is appended to the GTS. The SETVALUE overrides an existing value.

The ADDVALUE function only works on GTS, not on lists of GTS like those generated by the use of FETCH. If you want to use ADDVALUE after a FETCH, you will need to extract the GTS from the list, for example by using GET with value 0 as parameter.

If latitude or longitude are NaN (not a number), value has only timestamp, elevation, value. If elevation is NaN (not a number), value has only timestamp, latitude, longitude, value. If elevation is NaN and longitude or latitude are NaN, value has only timestamp, value.

When adding a Geo Time Series™ or GTS Encoder value, the value will be wrapped (as when using WRAPRAW) and added as a binary value.

ADDVALUE is available since version 1.0.0.

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NEWGTS 'test' RENAME 100 NaN NaN NaN true ADDVALUE //timestamp, value 110 NaN 45 NaN true ADDVALUE //timestamp, value 120 1.2 NaN 250 true ADDVALUE //timestamp, elevation, value 130 48.44218 -4.41427 80000 true ADDVALUE //timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation, value 100 NaN NaN NaN false ADDVALUE //add another timestamp=100 value. GTS can have duplicates. Use SETVALUE to override