What is Pig?

Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets which consists of a high-level language named Pig Latin. Pig originated at Yahoo! and has been put to work in many organizations. It still has a lot of users despite other frameworks such as Spark having more momentum.

Is Pig suited for analyzing Time Series data?

Pig is a general-purpose way of analyzing data. As such it does not provide functions specialized for analyzing time series but offers ways to expand the set of existing functions via User Defined Functions.

Pig off the shelf is therefore not suited for analyzing Time Series data, and adding UDFs to Pig leads to a lack of focus on the initial business goals, representing an important waste of time and resources to build the required low level tooling.

What does WarpScript bring to Pig?

The integration of WarpScript within Pig allows to express data transformations in WarpScript and apply those transformations to Pig relations.

The immediate benefit is that the WarpScript corpus you have already written is fully usable from within Pig, thus leading to reduced development times and increased focus on your business objectives.

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