Warp 10 includes a large subset of the Processing drawing library. You can create and manipulate images, then push a base64 encoded png onto the stack.

  • Step 1: create a processing graphic object with PGraphics function.
  • Step 2: manipulate this object with Processing functions.
  • Step 3: render the processing graphic with Pencode function.

To view the results, you can use VSCode plugin for WarpScript.

//simple example 200 150 '2D3' PGraphics //new image instance, 200x150 pixels 0xffffff6c Pbackground //yellow background 3 PstrokeWeight //stroke width 3pixels 0xff0000ff Pstroke //blue stroke (ARGB color) 0x7fff0000 Pfill //semi transparent red fill 10 30 100 50 Prect //draw a rectangle, left corner 10 30, size 100 50 20 PtextSize //set text size to 20pt 0xffff0000 Pfill //red fill "Hello Warp 10" 10 100 Ptext //text, bottom left at 10 100. Pencode //render the image in a base64 format on the stack