Category 2

Unit Conversion

Wind speeds from IBTrACS are given knots (kts) which is not easy to understand for most of us. We want to convert the speeds in km/h and in mph, which is a simple multiplication of all the values of the GTSs by a constant.

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Strong Tropical Cyclones

Tropical cyclones are categorized according to wind speeds. We want to detect only strong ones, which are called differently depending on where they are: hurricanes, typhoons, etc. To do that we only need to check that wind speeds are more than 64 kt.

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Cyclones Eye Speeds

Until now, we mainly focused on the manipulation of wind speeds and pressures times series but we also have location data. Ain't you curious about how fast does a tropical cyclone move? WarpScript does provide a function to compute horizontal speed using the location data.

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Number per Year

Climat change most noticeable effect is rising temperatures. But does it increase the frequency of tropical cyclones? Judging by the 2010-2015 data, you could say it does, but if you had the whole dataset you wouldn't be so certain. Anyway, for this tutorial you only have the 2010-2015 data, so you have to make do with it but keep in mind to always be critical toward your results.

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Top 10 of Most Extreme Cyclones

Which tropical cyclones were gave the highest wind speeds? And the lowest pressure? Compute the min/max, sort and keep the top 10, easy as that.

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Number per Month

Tropical cyclones are very seasonal. Each basin have peak activities at different times but is the overall number of tropical cyclones also seasonal?

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Top 10 of Longest Cyclones

Again a top 10! This time we want to know which tropical cyclones lasted the longest or covered the longest distance. Only a bit more complex than the previous top 10.

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Most Given Names

In Category 1, we get the list of names for the 2015 year but some names are reused across the years. Which are the most popular one?

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