Warp 10 is the most advanced time series platform because of its data analysis capabilities. In this tutorial we will explore the IBTrACS sample dataset with the WarpScript language. Some may find it intimidating, at first, but through this tutorial you will understand how flexible, concise, powerful and tailored for time series it is.


As for appetizer, here are some of the results you can get with WarpScript.

You can find a correlation between pressure and wind speed. Example of result: correlation

Or you can draw tropical cyclones trajectories and wind intensities. Example of result: processing viz

Will you dare following all the tutorial steps, you will be able to create these visualizations in NEXT: Category 4. However, if you're new to WarpScript, do not start with the complex scripts and prefer the Category 1 scripts.

Going Further One Step at a Time

To boldly go where no Data Scientist has gone before, we will embark you through increasingly complex WarpScripts. Each one will try to answer a simple question and introduce new concepts, explaining them in the comments. These WarpScripts are classified from Category 1 to Category 5 as the Saffir–Simpson scale.

NEXT: Category 1