Remote EXECution extension

This extension adds the following function to WarpScript:

If your Warp 10 instance is open, REXEC is a way for someone to attack another server with a DDOS. That's why this feature is deactivated by default.


In a configuration file, usually etc/conf.d/70--extensions.conf, set:

warpscript.extension.rexec = io.warp10.script.ext.rexec.RexecWarpScriptExtension


Your custom configurations can be stored in a new etc/conf.d/99-myWarp10.conf file. Your custom configurations will override all the predefined Warp 10 configurations.

// Comma separated list of included and excluded (! prefixed) host patterns
warpscript.rexec.endpoint.patterns = .*
// REXEC connect timeout in ms (default = 0, no timeout)
// 10 minute timeout
warpscript.rexec.timeout.connect = 600000
// REXEC read timeout in ms (default = 0, no timeout)
// 10 minute timeout
warpscript.rexec.timeout.read = 600000

We strongly invite you to set a timeout to avoid any blocking code and, to set the endpoint patterns to limit any attempt to use the function for a DDOS.


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