A runner is a scheduled WarpScript which runs at a repeating interval.

See also Server side macros

Runner directory

In the /path/to/warp10/etc/conf.d/10-runner.conf file, the directory containing runners is configured by:

runner.root = ${standalone.home}/warpscripts
runner.nthreads = 1
runner.scanperiod = 60000
runner.minperiod = 1000
  • runner.root: Runner directory.
  • runner.nthreads: Number of threads to use for running scripts.
  • runner.scanperiod: How often (in ms) to scan runner repository for new scripts.
  • runner.minperiod: Minimum period at which a script can be scheduled. Any script scheduled more often than that won't be run

Runners are mc2 files deployed in a sub directory in Warp 10 Analytics Engine, for example: /path/to/warp10/warpscripts/domain/3600000/macro.mc2

The sub directory 3600000 of domain is the interval of executions in ms.