1. Standalone version
  2. Distributed

Update Warp 10

Please read the release note first. If there are some new configurations you would use, add them in the appropriate configuration file in WARP10_HOME/etc/conf.d.

  • Input signatures of WarpScript functions that were accepted by a previous release are still compatible.
  • In a production environment, we strongly suggest you to have a preproduction standalone version to test your existing WarpScript unit tests.

Standalone version

Download the latest Warp 10 jar and move it to WARP10_HOME/bin.

Stop Warp 10, update the variable WARP10_REVISION in the launch script warp10-standalone.sh.

Optionally, rename the WARP10_HOME folder and the standalone.home configuration value.

Finally, restart Warp 10.


You can update and restart node by node, without any service interruption.