Warp 10 logs

Warp 10 produces logs in /path/to/warp10/logs/warp10.logs, they are encrypted. For example:

2018-07-30T10:18:03,904 qtp502800944-72 ERROR warpscript.events - P4HD4vm3TF6_EYuERF_lY7tiZTSAm_[ ... ].FcUUEiWEs

In Warp 10 logs, you will find the error stacks of each failed WarpScript runner. In order to decode the logs, you have to activate LoggingWarpScriptExtension extension in /path/to/warp10/etc/conf.d/70--extensions.conf and restart Warp 10.

warpscript.extension.logEvent = io.warp10.script.ext.logging.LoggingWarpScriptExtension

Then you can use the LOGEVENT-> function to decode it. This function can decode a log event through a WarpScript execution but only against the Warp 10 who produces this event.

'P4HD4vm3TF6_EYuERF_lY7tiZTSAm_[ ... ].FcUUEiWEs' LOGEVENT->

Customize the encryption

In a default standalone installation, the warp.aes.logging key is not defined. It means every standalone out of the box uses the default AES found in the Warp 10 source code.

If you need to raise the safety level, you can define a custom AES key.