Repairing LevelDB

This feature is only available on a standalone instance and only if using a native implementation of the LevelDB library. Such a native implementation is for example not available for ARM processors (such as on the Raspberry Pi).


The LevelDB files could be corrupted if LevelDB is not properly closed. The only cases when LevelDB might not be properly closed is if the JVM is shut down in a way which does not allow for its hooks to run, such as when killing it using SIGKILL.

The repair tool will perform a LevelDB repair. It attempts to repair an instance of LevelDB which is not currently open.

The repair process will re-read all the .sst (Sorted String Table) files and will add their description (key ranges, deletions, ...) to a newly created MANIFEST file. This operation can take a long time if you have a large number of .sst files.

Repair LevelDB data

Stop your Warp 10 instance:

cd <WARP10_HOME>
sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init stop

Repair existing LevelDB files:

sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init repair

Restart your Warp 10 instance to apply changes:

sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init start