This feature is only available on a standalone instance.

WARNING: You are going to erase your current data, be sure of what you are doing


This is the procedure to restore your current database with an existing snapshot. We are going to erase your current database and replace it by the snapshot you choose.

Restore LevelDB data

Stop your Warp 10 instance:

cd <WARP10_HOME>
sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init stop

Backup existing LevelDB files:

sudo mv leveldb leveldb.bak

Copy your selected snapshot:

sudo cp -al leveldb.bak/snapshots/<my_snapshot_name> leveldb

Move also old snapshots:

sudo mv leveldb.bak/snapshots leveldb/

Restart your Warp 10 instance to apply changes:

sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init start

Restore Warp 10 configuration

When doing a snapshot the Warp 10 configuration file is also copied. If you want to restore it, you have to run the following commands:

cd /opt/warp10/
sudo mv etc/conf.d etc/conf.d_`date +"%Y-%m-%d"`
sudo cp -ar leveldb/snapshots/<my_snapshot_name>/warp10-config/conf.d etc/

Restart your Warp 10 instance to apply the new configuration:

sudo bin/warp10-standalone.init restart