Safeguard limits

The Warp 10™ platform imposes a number of configurable restrictions to WarpScript™. By default, warpscripts are restricted to abide by soft limits. However, a warpscript stack that has been authenticated can raise its allowance up to a hard limit using an appropriate WarpScript™ function. These limits are configured by the backend configuration file (for example, for a default standalone version, this file is WARP10_HOME/etc/conf-standalone.conf).

The following table describes each restriction, gives the configuration keys that set the soft and hard limits, and gives the associated WarpScript™ function.

RestrictionKey for soft limitKey for hard limitWarpScript™ function
Number of datapoints that can be fetched during a WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxfetchwarpscript.maxfetch.hardLIMIT
Number of GTS that can be retrieved from Directory during a WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxgtswarpscript.maxgts.hardMAXGTS
Number of operations a single WarpScript execution can dowarpscript.maxopswarpscript.maxops.hardMAXOPS
Number of buckets that can result from a call to BUCKETIZEwarpscript.maxbucketswarpscript.maxbuckets.hardMAXBUCKETS
Depth of the stackwarpscript.maxdepthwarpscript.maxdepth.hardMAXDEPTH
Time (in ms) that can be spent in a loopwarpscript.maxloopwarpscript.maxloop.hardMAXLOOP
Level of recursion in macro callswarpscript.maxrecursionwarpscript.maxrecursion.hardMAXRECURSION
Number of symbols that can be defined by a single WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxsymbolswarpscript.maxsymbols.hardMAXSYMBOLS
Number of cells in geographic shapeswarpscript.maxgeocellswarpscript.maxgeocells.hardMAXGEOCELLS
Number of pixels per PGraphics imagewarpscript.maxpixelswarpscript.maxpixels.hardMAXPIXELS