The Meta API allows you to set attributes on Geo Time Series. Attributes are key/value pairs which are attached to GTS like labels but which are mutable, meaning you can modify them during the lifetime of a series. Attributes are searched like labels when selecting GTS for fetch, find and delete operations.

The HTTP endpoint used by the Meta API is https://HOST:PORT/api/vX/meta, where HOST_PORT is a valid endpoint for the Warp 10 cell or instance and vX is the version of the API you want to use (currently v0).

The Meta API must be accessed using the POST method.

Request Header

To be authenticated you need to add a X-Warp10-Token header with WRITE token.

Header Description
X-Warp10-Token A valid WRITE token

Request body

The body of the request contains the Geo Time Series whose attributes should be modified in the following format:


class and labels are used to identify the GTS to modify and attributes contain the comma separated list of attribute name/value pairs to set for the GTS.

Note that the set of attributes specified for each GTS replaces any existing attributes. There is no possibility at the present time to modify existing attributes.

If the Content-Type header is set to application/gzip, the request body is assumed to be compressed using GZip.


POST /api/v0/meta HTTP/1.1
Host: host
X-Warp10-Token: TOKEN



The Meta API does not return any content when operations succeeded.

The call to /meta will return after the attributes have been modified in the case of a Standalone Warp 10 deployment, or when the modification messages have been pushed to Kafka in the case of the Distributed version of Warp 10.