The Find API can be used to identify Geo Time Series matching some criteria but without retrieving any datapoints they may contain.

The HTTP endpoint used by the Find API is https://HOST:PORT/api/vX/find, where HOST:PORT is a valid endpoint for the Warp 10 instance and vX is the version of the API you want to use (currently v0).

The Find API must be accessed using the GET method.

Request Parameters

The following parameters are known to the /find endpoint:

  • selector: the selector is a string that allows to select one or several GTS. Its composed of the concatenation of a classname selector and a labels selector like for the Fetch API.

  • showattr can be set to true to display the attributes of the retrieved Geo Time Series.

  • sortmeta can be set to true to sort the labels so they are always displayed in the same way for a given GTS.

  • showerrors can be set to true to display a special string starting with # ERROR: at the end of the output if an error was encountered while fetching data. We cannot rely on the HTTP error mechanism since we may have already started outputting content when the error is encountered.


The matching Geo Time Series will appear one per line in the format class{labels}{attributes}.